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POOL & SPA Services

We offer either weekly or bi-weekly pool service and maintenance.

We keep your pool clean so you can enjoy it!

Pool Opening Services

What we do:

• Remove, clean and store cover on client's property
• Assemble filtration equipment including pumps, filter, heater and chemical feeder
• Install ladders, handrails and diving boards
• Start filtration equipment and check for proper operation
• Advise on any repairs, upgrades or maintenance
• Check and balance water chemistry
• Rinse deck of loose debris (pressure washing quote available)
• Vacuum, brush and skim pool 

Ongoing Pool Maintenance Services

Pool cleaning and maintenance services:

• Vacuum/brush/skim the pool and spa as needed
• Scrub and clean sunscreen residue and deposits from tile
• Test for proper levels of chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness (other tests provided as needed)
• Chart all chemical readings and other critical data on site
• Add environmentally safe enzymes to inhibit algae and reduce chlorine use
• Add sequestering agents to help prevent staining
• Add makeup water as needed
To keep the pool and deck area neat and well-maintained:
• Backwash/clean filter as required
• Troubleshoot equipment for proper operation and leaks
• Empty deck skimmer baskets and pump strainer basket
• Rinse off deck debris when needed
• Straighten deck furniture and accessories
• Leave a door hanger listing services and chemicals provided

Pool Closings Services

What we do: 

• Vacuum, clean and skim the pool

• Test water chemistry for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and balance for the off-season

• Add environmentally safe algae inhibitor

• Add sequestering agent to prevent staining

• Drain pool water to proper winter level

• Drain and seal all plumbing lines and equipment

• Remove and store any equipment – ladders, handrails, etc.

• Install and secure winter cover (automatic, mesh or tarp)

• Provide a detailed list of services complete with proactive recommendations for your consideration.

Mobile Water Testing

We are proud to announce another first in the swimming pool industry!

Mr Pool Service offers a computerized water testing service that is performed right at your home. The technician will take a water sample from your pool or spa, analyze it, and provide you with the results. Our Trucks are fully stocked with all the chemicals and equipment needed to get your pool in tip top shape.

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